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Empty Space

Funny how we talk about the universe as being something when it’s full of nothing.

It’s like that YouTube video where a teacher fills a jar with golf balls. Like the jar, the universe may seem filled with stars, planets, asteroids, comets, dark matter. Yet, between the golf balls, there’s still so much empty space, and even the balls are composed of atoms, which are composed of neutrons and electrons spinning around a nucleus, and what lies between these sub-microscopic bits of matter if not more space?

That’s why they call the universe “outer space”. Because, between every planet, every star, every body of substance, lie miles and light-years of nothing. Even here, on this planet we call our own. The land the water, solid rock, even us. We are full of empty space.

And yet, we exist. We breathe, we think, we change. We live, in spite of the prevalence of nothing. We are nothing, and yet we are.

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