In This Storm

In this storm
I pray that you would show your strength,
Turn back waves,
Spare the lives who cannot leave.
Give them courage, give them hope,
Give them deliverance.

In this storm
I pray that you would reach down through the clouds,
Through beating rains,
And hold them.
Show them mercy, show them life,
Show them peace.

In this storm
I pray that you would speak through wildest winds
Help them hear you, help them find you,
Help them know you.

In this storm
I pray that all our hearts would meet,
Oh Lord.
Teach us contrition, oneness, truth,
And bind us in your love.

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2 thoughts on “In This Storm

  1. Beautifully said. Prayers beyond numbering, and yet the storms rage on. How often do we look in vain for that deliverance, for that peace? Yet may we know Him and His Love.


  2. Deana Griffin

    This was excellent and very beautifully stated. We should all be praying for all the ones going through the hurricanes and forest fires. Both are equally devastating. Thanks for your wisdom and insight.


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