Cleaning House

Wow, seriously, I have way too many clothes.

Hey! There’s that old sock I blamed the dryer for eating!

Man, where’d all this dust come from?

It can’t have been that long since I vacuumed . . . can it?

What’s that growing in the toilet bowl?

I used to love this wallet. Hey look, an old gift card! Wonder what the balance is . . . oh . . . that’s it? Bummer.

Oh cool, my college ID . . . huh, I actually look good in this picture!

Wow, there’s a lot of dead spiders. . . .

Yikes, they’re not all dead! Smash! Now they are.

You’d think I’d have noticed these cobwebs long before now!

How did I accumulate so many notebooks?

Sheet sets?

Empty gift boxes?

Old calendars?

Partially-filled albums and scrapbooks?

Wow, seriously, I have way too much stuff in general.

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3 thoughts on “Cleaning House

  1. Ooh, nice image there at the top!! The following line pulled an involuntary snort of laughter from me: “Yikes, they’re not all dead! Smash! Now they are.” Yeah, this was just plain fun. I found myself looking forward to what you would uncover/discover next. However, and at the risk of being a trifle snarky, I am compelled to point sternly at your last line and cluck the disapproving tongue and frown portentously: “too much” and “stuff” never ever belong in the same sentence. Ever. Allow me to illustrate by proudly directing your attention to my collection of bread wrapper plastic thingys. Too much stuff…seriously!!!


  2. Dave

    WOW! Another case of Packratitis. It’s an epidemic!!!


  3. Deana Griffin

    What were you doing in my house? Hahahaha I could relate so well to what you wrote. :0


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