Mom’s Garden


If home is a garden, you’re the gardener.

You grow your kids as best you can,

Planting seeds, pulling weeds,

Making sure everyone has enough water.

You support Dad with love and prayers,

Helping him grow In the Light of the Son.

You nurture Grandma as a precious flower,

Tenderly, always putting her before yourself.

From warm, perfect bread just out of the oven,

To a hasty dinner on the run,

You satisfy need and desire

And grow everything with love.

You talk with us like you talk with your plants,

And you’re always ready to listen.

You pray for us like you pray for the harvest.

You pray for rain during the drought.

You pray for everything:

Because both mothering and gardening are hard work!

And sometimes your worries g row like weeds,

But that’s just part of it I guess.

You pull them up and give them to God,

Though sometimes you miss the roots.

But when the worries grow back you pull them again…

After all, a gardener never lets the weeds win!

Well, all this rambling’s just to say…

How thankful I am God blessed me with you.

I love you. Happy Mother’s Day.

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2 thoughts on “Mom’s Garden

  1. Beautiful!. Lots of little gems here, including Light of the Son, dinner on the run and never letting the weeds win! I trust this puts a smile on your mother’s face and a measure of joy into her heart.


  2. Deana Griffin

    Such a sweet poem full of the memories of your mom. I truly could see your mother doing each thing as I read. I loved your descriptions. I am sure this brought tears to your mom’s eyes (joyous ones). Thanks for sharing.


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