If You Forget

So this is visibility?

My life, displayed for all to see.

You eye me on the tabloid covers

All the lies and rumors,

And gobble up this fake me.

So you who think you know me

Since you see me on TV,

Who light on me like vultures

For wearing the wrong thing,

To every random stranger

Who screams out my name:

Can you forget that I exist,

And let me do the same?

So this, this is industry?

My life, on call for the company.

You see me show up early,

Go home late,

And still, you overwork me.

So you who think you own me

Since I answer every call,

Who appreciate my work ethic

Too much, demand my all,

To my superiors who expect

My world, my family time:

Will you forget that I exist,

And let me live my life?

So this is affinity?

My life, to love, and give it free.

I’ll be there on the good days,

On the bad days,

And still, you’ll turn on me.

So you who think you know me

From our days as little kids,

Life was simpler then, when we just played

And didn’t mind our differences.

To my friends who have forgotten,

My friends who cease to be:

Did you forget that I exist,

Do you still remember me?

So this, this is charity . . .

My life a bleak and barren thing,

I feel betrayed

When I betray,

Yet somehow,

Still, you love me.

To the One who sees my hidden heart,

Who truly owns this whiner,

How can I claim to know myself,

And all that I desire?

Yet, God, I’m weak, and may still curse

When You refuse my plea.

But if You forget that I exist,

Then I am lost indeed.

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3 thoughts on “If You Forget

  1. Deana Griffin

    Wow, you really touched me with this poem. It was so truthful and hit on different peoples and aspects of how the world sees each one. Your last lines hit home so well. We need God or indeed we are undone. Thanks for sharing your talent for putting words on a page with poignancy and truthfulness. Beautifully written.


  2. Shirley Holloway

    Truly a wonderful gift. Keep it up.


  3. So this, this is poetry,
    Words that openly
    Render probity
    Through potent ambiguity;
    And all unknowingly
    Insuring that you notice me.

    Um, I couldn’t resist. Not that I tried very hard.

    Your closing lines are poetry indeed.


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