Little Blue Circle

Round and round like a bathtub drain,

Tornado-ing on again and again.

The little blue circle spins and spins,

The webpage gapes at me . . . paralysis wins.

Come on, computer, I’ll punch out your screen,

Just give me the page and I’ll let you be.

Stupid page, just load already!

I don’t have time for your stupid stupidity!

Quick check of my email, then get on with my day,

Won’t you cooperate? Why must you play

This stupid game every blasted time

I turn on my laptop? I say, it’s a crime!

I know it’s early, you still want to sleep,

Guess what, me too . . . I don’t give a bleep.

Well, threats and abuse still don’t work.

Restart and shut-down can’t fix this quirk.

That little blue circle just keeps on spinning.

If laptops had faces, this one would be grinning.

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2 thoughts on “Little Blue Circle

  1. My father experiences similar poetical sensations when confronted with a red traffic light. Isn’t it funny how much smug self-satisfaction a little blue circle can exude? Perhaps someone should design an app that allows you to launch a bird of prey that snaps up little blue circles! This was a very enjoyable read, fraught with emotions I can identify with. Also, it rhymes, which always warms the cockles of my literary heart. Keep up the great work!


  2. Deana Griffin

    This made me smile, as I can relate so easily. 🙂


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