You Might Have a Baby Face If . . .


1. You’d like to strangle the next person who says “You’ll appreciate it when you’re forty.”

2. You are forty and you do appreciate it.

3. You’ve ever been pulled over because you “look too young to drive.”

4. People insist you “don’t look a day past” a decade ago.

5. After singing, people comment that you have such a mature voice for your age.

6. You’ve been charged a child’s admission when you haven’t been a child for ten years.

7. People ask if you’re still in school long after you graduated.

8. You’re told your parents have to sign a consent form.

9. You’ve had someone suggest you wear more makeup to make yourself look older.

10. You’ve ever had to show your ID to get into a PG-13 movie.

11. Voters at the election poll you work at ask if you’re “even old enough to vote.”

12. A worker at the election poll you used to work at asks if you know how to cast a ballot.

13. You’ve ever been left out of a group activity because “it’s just for the adults.”

14. One of your co-workers asks to see your ID after you tell him you age.

15. Your grinning, mischievous choir director tells you to sing the children’s part.

16. You’re at the bank with your dad and the teller asks if “the little one” would like a lollipop.

17. When you take your 13-year-old sister anywhere, people assume she’s the adult.

18. Someone asks if your kid brother is your boyfriend.

19. You’re mini-golfing with your best friend and you overhear someone say, “I think he’s her dad.”

20. You get excited when asked if you have kids because finally someone recognizes that you’re an adult!


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6 thoughts on “You Might Have a Baby Face If . . .

  1. David

    Sooo….I’m guessing you have experienced some of these?


  2. Deana Griffin

    I know you are writing this from experience. 🙂


  3. You must have quite a collection of lollipops, grin, grin. If it’s any consolation, I don’t think you look a day over 40. The other side of this delightful coin is when you lose your hair right out of high school and people suddenly think your father is your brother, your sister is your daughter, and your aunt is your girlfriend — and completely fail to recognize you the first time they see you without your hat.


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