Sun Shower

A billow of darkness rolls from the west. The bruised sky shadows the land, shading all in a sickly twilight. To the east, a sliver of light battles to hold the horizon; but it can not prevail against the undulating squall.

A silver burst batters the darkness; a roll of unearthly drums shivers each blade of grass. All is still now; the air itself holds its breath.

Then, with a gasp, it unleashes all its pent-up energy with the music of wind and water. The deluge rushes to earth, playing each tree and rock and flower like a symphony. On and on it plays, washing the air with its cleansing melody. On and on, until even the darkness begins to break apart.

And then, shards of sunlight stab earthward, drawing warmth from dampened soil. Still, a moment longer, the droplets shower down as from a fountain, the light painting each a brilliant diamond.

And, as the light strengthens and the diamonds taper off, a sharpness lingers. The fragrance of grass is sweeter, the whistle of birds brighter, and the sunlight smells of a laughing brook at daybreak. All is clean; as the sun sets, a new day begins.

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4 thoughts on “Sun Shower

  1. This is a beautiful description – it feels so watery!


  2. Very poetic.


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