Sky and Ocean

I waded knee-deep into the bay where a simple fishing boat cradled her body. Gray hair encircled a face forever frozen in tranquility, yet a sword lay upon her breast.

A few hundred watched from the shore. Thousands would mourn her, yet few would truly believe. She was a protector, a war hero; of her life, songs were already sung.

Surely the heavens could not need her as the people of Gildaresh did.

But alas, even legends must die.

And so, my tears like rain upon the water, I gave the boat a gentle shove and watched the current bear her away.

Somewhere, just beyond that far horizon, the sky meets the ocean. As she sailed toward infinity, I imagined I saw her rise, and step from the boat, and take her place amid the clouds.

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13 thoughts on “Sky and Ocean

  1. That’s so sad. I think I want to know more about the legend.


    • I do too, Sonia. πŸ™‚ It’s part of this sweeping epic in my head that I’m trying to convert to words and pages.


  2. a hero’s farewell – nicely written.


  3. Laura Weymouth

    This is such a beautiful and evocative piece of writing, Sarah! You’ve captured the strength of one individual’s grief and the lasting power of another’s legacy in so few words…the imagery of the phrase “my tears like rain upon the water” is pitch perfect too. This little snippet definitely makes me want to read more of your work!


    • Thank you, Laura! I post a new story on this site every week, so I hope you’ll come back again. I enjoyed reading your comment! πŸ™‚


  4. ganymeder

    Is this based on a actual legend? I really enjoyed this.


    • Not that I know of. It’s part of my own legendarium I’m trying to create. πŸ™‚ Glad you enjoyed it!


  5. Wonderful imagery.


  6. If I can’t have my public cremation, I want this. But I want the boat to be lit on fire.


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