You lie upon your back, gazing at a thousand pinpoints scattered like crystalline dust across the night.

They shimmer and shiver as if from their own chilly glow.

Your eyes linger upon them, your thoughts straying into another place, another dimension.

You have at times reached through the darkness to feel their light envelop you.

You have walked among them in their own lands.

You have beheld them in all their unmasked grandeur, when their light and heat have rivaled that of the sun.

Perspective changes all, you muse.

These cold pinpoints are eyelets in eternity.

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13 thoughts on “Stars

  1. I love being out where I can see stars. Beautiful words.


  2. ganymeder

    The was beautiful, and true as well. Stars are pinpricks in eternity.


  3. I love this last line “These cold pinpoints are eyelets in eternity.”


  4. Lovely imagery!


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  6. Aw this was beautifully written! Very evocative.


  7. During the summer there are nights I like to sit on my back porch and look up at the stars. So many wonders to behold in the darkness.


    • For sure! It’s amazing to think we can only see such an insignificant fraction of all the stars and galaxies there are.


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