Tears wet the wizened hand as she bent over it. Her grandfather lay beneath the covers, eyes closed, cords hooked up to his frail body. Slowly, mournfully, the heart monitor still beeped . . . too slow.

In her mind, she saw nothing . . . emptiness. Saw the beloved old man fading into it, like a sandcastle dissolved by the tide. She floundered, suspended in time, trying to reach him . . . even as he slipped through her grasp like water.

His eyes opened, barely. “Don’t cry . . . my dear . . . I’m happy . . . I’ll meet my father . . . soon . . .”

She blinked away the tears, for his sake. Tried to think herself in his position. What emotions would torment her own last moments?

Fear as she had never known?


Or great thrill?

She imagined lying weak and lifeless one moment, like a withered leaf; and the next, looking back on life as a spectator. And every question would be answered, and all things seen as if through crystal glass.

And maybe, from Death’s perspective, she would learn at last of life.

“Love you . . .” he whispered, and sighed long, and his eyes closed. And in her mind she saw him . . . no longer gazing up, but down . . . watching over her, and waiting.

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12 thoughts on “Perspective

  1. Ah that’s a nice perspective – nice story.


  2. A tender moment. . .well written!


  3. OOPS! The above comment was by me Dan Hood while logged into S.E. Hood’s blog page. . .I don’t think she is really in the habit of going onto her own page and patting herself on the back. I did enjoy this little vignette however.


    • Busted!

      Sorry I couldn’t resist. And, frankly, I needed a bit of a laugh after that. It was definitely tender, and took me straight back to sitting with my Mom as she passed. Very powerful, and very uplifting.


      • Thank you! Glad you were able to get something out of it.

        That above comment, by the way, was in fact left by my dad, not me! I was logged in on his computer and forgot to log out before he got on. But then who’s going to believe that?? 🙂


      • I was trying to imply that he was busted for using your computer, but I guess you were actually using his 🙂 It still made me laugh, and I appreciated your piece.

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  4. Quite a poignant piece, I particularly liked the 2nd paragraph.

    I think we all wonder sometimes about our final moments, and what is waiting for us.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Aw, this was both sad, and tender at the same time. Hard to strike that balance but you managed it!


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